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Such concerns notwithstanding, the website is a marvellous achievement, which raises the obvious question for someone browsing it in the UK: why are we not doing something similar?The Victoria and Albert Museum in London is an obvious body to initiate a project like this, with its existing collection soon to be complemented by some 400,000 objects which are going to be transferred to its custody from the National Media Museum in Bradford.An understanding of Russian (or an online translator) is necessary to be able to read the captions but is not necessary to examine the photographs themselves as the timeline can be manipulated by means of cursors defining start and end dates.Registered users can leave comments, and create their own ‘exhibitions’.Only nine images are tagged with Trotsky’s name, hardly surprising taking into account how he was airbrushed by Stalin, and it may be necessary to source material suppressed within Russia from external archives to provide comprehensive coverage.Another notable gap is indicated by the presence of only one photograph by Boris Mikhailov, of two men sitting in a kitchen dating from 1983.It is enough just to move two cursors on "the plate of time" onto the period of interest and all the photos relating to the request will appear on the main page."We are now developing the site's English version and perfecting the auto translator, because searching on the site is done through tags," explained Sviblova. For example, type in the tag 'boutonnière' and you can see a photo of poet Alexander Blok wearing one on his jacket.""We began thinking of such a portal in 1999 because we understood how important it would be to create a photographic history for future generations," said Sviblovo."You cannot build the future without knowing your past."The project cooperates with all the museums of Moscow and the state archive, as well as with regional museums and the heirs of famous Russian photographers.

Browsing the website shows what astonishing changes have occurred in Russia in the period it covers.You cannot build the future without knowing your past.’ Let’s hope the aim is to provide a representative, not a selective, view of the past.It would be a pity if ideological influences were allowed to affect the content.Additionally, visitors to the site can also post their own photos, enhance the images and act as curators by creating their own exhibitions with accompanying texts and comments. You can read more about this and change your preferences in the section «Settings».

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Admittedly there is a tagging issue at the moment; many of the most recent photographs, from 1999, are of Russian forces in presumably Chechnya, but these are not identified as such.