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On a side note, in your bios steer clear of eliminating potential matches by saying things like “Must be down for a good time” or “Have to be adventurous before swiping right.” All you are doing is coming off as critical and intimidating for possibly not meeting your expectations of “Fun or adventurous”. Tinder and Bumble can make us lose sight of this as these apps have a bad rep of being “Hook up” apps.

Putting some thought into your initial greeting shows that you have taken the time to show genuine interest, and that she isn’t just another “Swipe”. In the grand scheme of things, we all are striving to find our “ride or die”, our “Partner in Crime”, or in other words our eternal companion.

As a guy who has been on Tinder, Bumble, Mutual, etc in search of that “perfect match”, let me let you in on a couple of secrets about dating apps.

For those of you that are not familiar with the term “ghosting” here’s the low-down.

The good guy is way more attractive to a girl then any bad guy ever will be.

Don’t be afraid to show your love for your family, friends, the go Our generation seems to be so caught up in the “Lets hang out” phase.

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There seems to be a saying that is going around that “Nice guys finish last” and yes they do but finishing last is marriage.