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Molly Shannon as Gail Like Gene, Gail has carved out a life of her own away from Firewood, but that all gets interrupted when he stops by for a surprise visit and meets her daughter, who looks awfully familiar. Also, she’s got a little side thing going on with Mark (Mark Feuerstein), who has definitely been around this whole time.

Entering its fourth year, the camp is located on the 200-acre grounds of the old Camp Kickapoo. It might require running four times down to the lake and back in a certain time.

Elizabeth Banks as Lindsay together, and it remains as strong as ever ten years after their wedding at Firewood.

Ben is an architect now, but despite a little nose job to fix a deviated septum, he is in no way visibly different. Take it from Victor: Once you pretend you’ve had sex, it’s really, really hard to break the habit and actually have sex.

, which acted as a prequel to the original film, even though the actors were all 14 years older.

To help you keep track of this confusing chronology — and also, importantly, to see how well this cast has aged — Vulture put together looks at all the key players then (in the original film, on the left), then (in the first season, in the middle), and now (in After saving Camp Firewood twice in one summer, Beth has stuck around as the camp director ten years later, though it’s now in dire financial straits.

He returns to Firewood a decade later as an engaged novelist with writer’s block, though he’s still dealing with unresolved feelings for Katie.

Marguerite Moreau as Katie , she’s hard at work trying to pin down what the year’s hot fall color will be.

About the Authors: Geoffrey Golden is a comedy writer and game designer.This 20-something Katie has grown into a classic 1990s power dresser, a far cry from her roots starring in Firewood’s production of Paul Rudd never ages, but Andy is starting to burn out.By the time he makes it to Firewood’s ten-year reunion, he’s still clinging onto the cool persona he adopted at camp — and even challenges a current teenage camper to a contest for the title of King of Camp. But no matter which camp you belong to, you will quite enjoy the shameless fucking going on in sex vids right over here.Since porn seems to be getting less and less exciting these days, with same things repeating in literally every video you watch with no twists and turns of any kind, many men get online searching for pornogratis and hoping to find something spicy as they view the results.

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