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The advertisements plastered throughout Brazilian cities leading up to the World Cup feature the youthful Neymar, offering to the world a carefully marketed, yet misleading image of its youth.

Brazil's protesting youth, however, are little like Neymar.

Refurbishing old stadiums and building new ones has cost Brazil .6bn.

Several of the new stadiums will seldom be used after the World Cup, and Brasilia's World Cup stadium is estimated to have cost taxpayers 0m.

Through football and its stars, the state has crafted a global image of Brazil that - until recently - has distracted from the range of racial, economic, political and intersectional ills plaguing the South American giant.

While playing abroad, the Brazilian football team embodied the stereotypical trilogy that has come to define the nation for the rest of the world: samba, soccer and sex.

FIFA and the Brazilian government want nothing more than to hide these youth and their demands, from the world's gaze.

Brazil and football are synonymous: A conflation the state has engineered to carry forward its policies inside and outside of the country.

Its iconic lineage of soccer stars, starting with Pele and ending with Neymar, provide the state with single-named ambassadors known and loved all over the world.

Their struggle harkens back to the heroes of yesterday, such as Romario and Rivaldo, who both hailed from humble beginnings to hoist the Word Cup trophy for Brazil in 19, respectively.

Not surprisingly, both Romario and Rivaldo are among the most vocal critics of FIFA and the Brazilian government's exorbitant expenditures for this summer's World Cup.

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